Fees for SY 2017/2018

There is a non-refundable membership/registration fee of EUR 1600 due upon enrollment. If a member leaves ISR and rejoins in the same academic year no new registration fees apply. If a member rejoins ISR in the consecutive academic year a 25% registration fee is applied. If a member rejoins ISR in a following academic year a full registration fee is applied.

Early Years 3+ EUR 8 317
Kindergarten EUR 9 730
Grade 1 - 5 EUR 13 134
Grade 6 - 8 EUR 14 423
Grade 9 - 12 EUR 15 353
  1. For the SY 17/18 a prepayment invoice of 10% yearly tuition amount is issued in June and a second invoice for the rest of the yearly tuition is issued in July. Please pay according to the schedule above based on the payment terms chosen.
  2. Please note: no deductions are made for your child being away from school due to holidays or illness.
  3. For members leaving the school before the end of the school year please refer to the refund policy on the following page.
  4. If any payment is 10 calendar days overdue, you will be charged an Administrative Fee of EUR 28.46 and interest at 0,1% per day for the late payment. 
  5. Please note that the Director may exclude students from classes when payments are overdue more than 30 calendar days and ISR reserves the right to submit cases of debt collection to a third party of its choice at the cost of the debtor.
  6. The school administration has the right to withhold a student’s documents – progress reports, transcripts and diplomas, if the member is not in good standing, i.e. has outstanding invoices for tuition, school fees or other fees, has not returned library books or other materials that are property of ISR. The school administration will warn the member in writing at least 10 days in advance if any documents are to be withheld. By providing all student documents to a member, ISR confirms that a member is in good standing.
  7. Book Fees. You will be charged for workbooks, consumables and field trips for your child during the school year. For Early Years book fees are currently EUR 170,00/year, for KG - Grade 12  –  EUR 235,00/year. Amounts for SY 17/18 will be confirmed at the beginning of the school year. 
  8. IGCSE and A level examination entry costs (subject to annual review).
  9. Hot Lunch. For those parents who would like the service, the school provides catered hot lunches. Lunches are ordered per quarter. Menus and application forms are sent out before the beginning of each quarter. You can ask for more information at the Front Desk. Lunch is currently EUR 3,30 /day for preschool and primary school and EUR 4,00 /day for Middle and High school. Amounts for SY 1718 will be confirmed at the beginning of the school year.
  10. After School Activities. After School Activities will be offered for each semester. Information will be sent out at the beginning of each semester. You can ask for more information at the Front Desk.



A member leaving the school before the end of the school year must notify the school office in writing at least 30 days in advance. Tuition must be paid for these 30 days. The refunds of yearly tuition paid are as follows:

Period of leave Refund of yearly tuition
1st quarter 60%
2nd quarter 30%
3rd quarter 10%
4th quarter 0%

** If a member leaves the school before the beginning of the school year - the advance payment of 10% of the annual tuition is not refundable.